We strive for successful entrepreneurship that leads to solutions for crucial social & environmental challenges.

Our belief.

We believe in the power of
big with small


  • The huge impact (global) leading corporates can make, together with
  • The clever entrepreneurship around the world that is thinking up brilliant solutions to tackle the world's biggest social & environmental challenges.

Way of working.

We combine business sense with a human approach. Or as one of our clients would say it. 'We follow our heart and use our head'.

We support you with the marketing of your company or product. We rather build a long lasting working relation than execute a one off project. In this way we get to know each other and learn what matters most to you and your team.

Our mission.

Making the difference, happen

Some might consider us optimists against all odds.

We relentlessly strive to make the difference happen.

That's what we call 'Hoptimism'

Our Team

Isolde Schram

Isolde Schram

Isolde is curious by nature; always interested to learn what's behind the 'do not enter' door and gets energy from change. She excels at solving complex puzzles and turning big creative ideas into simple solutions.

Ambitious in everything she does, making a positive impact is what drives her most. Her areas of expertise include CSR business strategy, innovation, business positioning, and brand strategy. Isolde has over 15 years of management consultancy experience in both BtB and BtC environments, including food, energy, finance, property and area development.

Isolde followed the sustainable leadership programme at Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, has a Master of Economics from the University of Amsterdam and a BSC from both the Internation School of Economics Rotterdam and the Groupe ESC, Bordeaux.

Ellen Kooij

Ellen Kooij

Ellen has the talent to have impact and to bring energy into a project. She has the ability to connect people to the matter and inspire the team to deliver great results. She can create vision & strategy and make it work. She is pragmatic and result oriented.

As a person she is always connected to her heart and is an optimist by nature. Realising a positive difference is what drives her to get the best out of herself and others.

Ellen has 20 years of marketing, branding and management experience. Of which 13 years as Director of Marketing at War Child, realising a top position in the Dutch market through innovative approaches, a distinctive marketing model and unique partnerships. In 2011 she was elected as one of the top5 fundraisers in the Netherlands. At HopStep&Leap Company she helps social entrepreneurs maximize their impact with brand and marketing strategy & support and development of partnerships, meet-ups and programmes.

She studied Human Resource Management and Marketing and in 2012 she finished THNK, the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership.