Who we work with

Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank wants to optimally build meaningful relations with their clients and support entrepreneurs to achieve more positive impact.

We collaborate with the business banking and marketing team in developing ‘Hart-Hoofd Impuls’. A tailor made eight month programme for social entrepreneurs in which they share inspiration, expertise and challenges to further grow their business.

The programme is highly rated by participants and Triodos Bank.

"The program connects entrepreneurs through the heart. Which creates an impulse, resulting in educational experiences and ideas. "
- Gideon Overwater, participant

The current format is being continued and will be expanded with spin off concepts.

Hart-Hoofd Impuls short movie

Social Enterprise NL

Social Enterprise NL represents, connects and supports the growing community of social enterprises in The Netherlands.

As a long time partner we develop and run several programmes and master classes for their members in the areas of branding, positioning and marketing.

Some examples
The Masterclass positioning was created especially for social entrepreneurs
and is valued with an 8 on average.

We designed the Next Level programme allowing entrepreneurs to prepare for external investors to realize their next growth step.

Social Enterprise NL


We developed and implemented the international brand strategy and identity for Toon. Toon is about empowering people through smart energy. By providing real time insight into their energy consumption and connect to all sorts of devices it allows people to save money, reduce their footprint and increase comfort.

With a new team of marketers we prepared the launch of Toon in Europe, the rebranding of Toon in the Netherlands, designed branding guidelines for working with partners and developed a marketing support programme for international utility companies.

All of which supports the company to roll out the business proposition across Europe and beyond.

Eneco Group

Eneco Group is striving to make sustainable energy available for everyone. Over the years we have had the pleasure to work with several teams both on strategy and implementation.

Some examples:

  • We rediscovered the Eneco brand DNA to be used as a management tool in the further transition from traditional utility company towards sustainable energy services provider.

  • We developed the business positioning for the BtB market.

  • We supported innovation teams in developing the value proposition and launch plan for several new energy services.


Together with the Nudge community and partners, Nudge realises initatives that create positive change in society. As one of the ‘friends of Nudge’ we collaborate on numerous initiatives.

Some examples:
We contributed to the concept and programme for the first Nudge Leadership Challenge, now Global impact challenge-A unique three-day learning experience for future leaders who want to make a global difference, reacthing of 75-125 global talents each year. And we have been part of all editions of the concept in different forms, as a chair of the jury, as speaker and by organising and hosting full day workshops.

Together we organised the Google Summer Challenge for Google employees. A two day programme combining fun with serious business’, working on business cases of social entrepreneurs.
Entrepeurs benefitted of the expertise and commitment of the teams while Googlers could boost their business skills.


In 2012 Thuisafgehaald launched a platform that enables people to share food. By connecting neighbours that cook and/or collect homecooked food they contribute to stronger local meaningfull social connections. Or as they say it: ‘Small happiness for a better world’

Together with the Thuisafgehaald team we uncovered the core of their brand and helped them to implement it and use it as a compass for decision making.
We assisted in integrating a new concept allowing them to reach a new and larger audience.


Fairphone & Deutsche Telekom

Fairphone has created the world’s first ethical, modular smartphone. They believe you shouldn’t have to choose between a great phone and a fair supply chain.

To achieve the impact they desire, Fairphone needs to grow the distribution and sales of the Fairphone 2. In a period of 4 months we developed a completely new way of working between an operator and a phone company using the HopStep&Leap method.

Result is a partnership and local launch between T-mobile Austria and Fairphone with the objective to create awareness and preference for fair supply services and phones.



Nlvoorelkaar takes a different approach; Helping someone is fun and satisfying and easy as well thanks to the platform that they offer to match supply and demand. We developed with them their marketing and growth strategy.

Besides that we are as marketing expert and strategic sparring partner involved in the development and realisation of a new youth movement; Young Impact.

Young Impact



PD is an independent real estate developer with European roots.
NNRG Crops is locally growing raw materials and develops new products to reduce environmental impact.

We took the initiative to connect BPD and NNRG Crops and develop an innovative local partnership where NNRG Crops grows Miscantus on the land of BPD.

Together they work with partners to invent and produce products locally. Joint dream is to make it possible to ‘grow your own home’.

Schiphol Real Estate & Enrichers

Schiphol Real Estate is engaged in commercial real estate and the development of new concepts and services at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Enrichers is a design start-up.

We worked together on building a partnership between Schiphol Real Estate and EE lab to create an Enriched Working Environment, the first to be situated at Schiphol The Base.

An Enriched Working Environment is an inspiring, stimulating working environment where natural neurological stimuli such as movement, light, sound and touch are orchestrated and integrated into our modern work-place. It enhances fysical and mental wellbeing and brings a balance between concentration, stimulation and creativity allowing people to feel good and perform better.

Do you want to experience the space at Schiphol? Please contact the Enrichers

Social Impact Ventures

With Social Impact Ventures we work together in the investment process as a marketing partner. Assessing the brand and purpose of their potential investees and reporting on alignment and points of attention when investing.

Social Impact Ventures is a hands-on impact investment partner, providing Dutch social enterprises with financial resources and active support to help achieve the next wave of growth. They are proof that sustainable can also be profitable and drive impact towards systemic change.

Social Impact Ventures is a strong brand from the inside but needed some help to show it to the world. We helped them reveal their DNA to make the core of their brand explicit and formulated their positioning and brand strategy. With this input we worked with ‘PingPong design’ to build a new visual identity and website.